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The Ultimate Garlic Bruschetta

Bruschetta is one of the greatest tasting bread snacks in the world.


  • The Ultimate Garlic Bruschetta Seasoning Mix - 1/2 packet

  • medium plum or roma tomatoes - 1-3 - diced small

  • medium size onion - 1 - diced small

  • cilantro, chopped (or parsley) - 2 tsp.

  • olive oil - 1 tbsp.

  • Salt & pepper - to taste

  • Baguette or crusty bread - for serving


Mix all ingredients in bowl and let sit 30 minutes for best flavour. Cut thick slices of baguette or crusty bread. For optimum texture and taste, toast bread thoroughly before garnishing. Season to taste and serve on fresh crusty bread slices, preferably freshly toasted.


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