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Why Ontario Garlic?

Situated in the fertile farmland of southwestern Ontario, The Garlic Box prides itself on using fresh, local garlic. Ontario garlic is prized for its superior flavour.

The Garlic Box uses only the best heirloom “hardneck” variety garlic seed stock, which has a full, robust, earthy flavour with a lingering mineral finish due to our limestone-rich soil conditions.

The fat 6-clove bulbs are sheathed in an ivory papery skin with excellent storage properties and express a moderate heat, high glycemic index and long shelf life, making it a preferred choice among chefs and home cooks alike whether cooked, baked, poached, roasted or eaten raw.

Like a fine wine, Ontario garlic provides an incomparable “taste of the place” ​that comes from spending nine months in the soil of fertile farmland.

Planting takes place in the fall. The garlic winters under a blanket of snow, and sprouts in early spring, continuing to absorb the unique minerals and flavours in the soil to produce a nutrient-dense bulb that is harvested in summer.

The Garlic Box and area growers use state-of-the-art technology for transition into the drying facility. After a four-week cure time, the garlic is sized, trimmed, brushed and sorted before moving into controlled atmospheric storage for year-round distribution.


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