The true hardneck varieties do well in the cooler Canadian climates. Hardneck refers to the scape, or flower stalk, with its topset of bulbils. Hardnecks take a little more care to grow because they need to be hand planted right side up, and to have their scapes snipped off. They repay that effort with a wealth of large bulbs and a dazzling choice of robust and subtle, delicious and intriguing flavours.

Garlic Seed - 1lb

  • Seed Garlic can range between 2-3" (classed Jumbo) Market garlic is classed as a Colossal @ 2.75 - 3". These grades are guidelines according to the Ontario Garlic Growers Association (OGGA)
    When to Plant 

    Fall is garlic planting time. Depending where you are gardening, this could be September to November. Once the soil temperature has cooled off to about 60 degrees F. , the roots of the garlic clove will start to germinate and begin to take hold and anchor the plant. This is especially important in Northern climates where the ground freezes. Without sufficient time to grow good roots, the garlic plants will heave out of the ground. A three to four inch layer of mulch applied after the ground freezes will also help prevent heaving. Straw is the mulch of choice because it’s cheap and easy to remove.
    Your garlic should grow well if given the following conditions -

    Well drained soil , minimal weed competion - plenty of water (an inch of water while the bulb is forming  mid- May to July)